ECC partnering with Newcastle University in Agroforestry trial

Our extensive experience in agroforestry and planting is essential for success in this exciting trial. In spring of 2022, 19ha of AF was established in a field within the arable rotation. The field is laid out in 5 randomised blocks with Willow, Poplar and a grass [...]

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Come and meet us at GROUNDSWELL 22nd & 23rd June 2022

ECC are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Groundswell, the unique two-day Regenerative Farming event and Conference held at Lannock Manor Farm in Hertfordshire next week on 22nd & 23rd June.We will be showing how Short Rotation Coppice can be integrated into food and [...]

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ECC plants the UK’s first agroforestry plantation that integrates biomass and food crops together in harmony

We're proud to announce that we've started to plant the UK's first agroforestry plantation that combines both biomass and food crops. This is currently taking place at Cockle Park Farm in Morpeth, a 307-hectare mixed farm owned and operated by Newcastle University. Agroforestry traditionally combines trees [...]

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The Low Carbon Agricultural Show Special Announcement

Neil Watkin's knowledge and experience in planting, growing and harvesting SRC Willow and Poplar as well as using wood chip for heat and energy continues to be sought after. Since the launch of Energy Crops Consultancy (ECC) at the Low Carbon Agriculture Show in 2020, the company has [...]

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ECC launches new Masters course with Liverpool University

ECC launches new Masters course with Liverpool University A unique opportunity has recently opened for a graduate student to gain expertise in the carbon sequestration of perennial Willow energy and Poplar energy wood crops. Energy Crops Consultancy (ECC) has collaborated with the University of Liverpool (UoL) to establish [...]

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Exciting new development for ECC’s growers in Yorkshire!

Drax and NFU partner to boost UK energy crop market You can partner with ECC to tap into this exciting new development in pushing for Net Zero! World leader in sustainable bioenergy Drax Group has teamed up with the National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU), to [...]

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Cutting emissions by using Willow as fodder for sheep

New study suggests that using willow as fodder can cut emissions from livestock The Game and Wildlife Trust research showed that adding tree leaves to the diet of sheep could be instrumental in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists from the trust tested the theory on 24 Aberfield [...]

2021-04-07T11:37:17+01:00February 1st, 2021|Carbon, Energy Crops, Forestry, News|
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