Our extensive experience in agroforestry and planting is essential for success in this exciting trial.

In spring of 2022, 19ha of AF was established in a field within the arable rotation. The field is laid out in 5 randomised blocks with Willow, Poplar and a grass control in each block. An understory of grass/clover or a flowering species mix will be established in the summer. This will help increase the biodiversity.

NU Farms have established a replicated agroforestry (AF) experiment that uses two tree species (willow and poplar), varied understory plantings and arable crops (eg winter wheat) to determine the costs and benefit of AF for farm productivity and ecosystem service delivery. The platform will also be used as a technology demonstrator to engage stake holders (eg farmers, NGOs, local authorities, policy makers) and explore their needs and preferences for AF.

AF is thought to enhance soil carbon storage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase biodiversity. AF is practiced in Africa & Central America to improve soil fertility, reduce erosion & increase water availability.

Energy Crops Consultancy were delighted to be asked to use our planting machinery to ensure the precise planting required in trials of this type.