Do you know what your land really looks like?

Energy Crops Consultancy has partnered with The Helicopter Company, experts in all things rotary wing. This allows us to provide a new and exciting service: exhilarating helicopter flights over your land with experienced pilots. Aerial surveys of land can provide new insights and reduce the time and cost of traditional surface-based surveying.

Aerial photography has many purposes, beyond the pure joy of seeing your land from a bird’s eye view. Drones can be used to calculate the volume of a woodchip pile for example. A complete and highly accurate survey of your land can be taken, regardless of steep terrain or potentially dangerous areas such as roads, rivers and railways. Digital Terrain Modelling and Digital Surface Modelling can even tell you about the quality of your soil – all from the air.

All helicopter flights are operated under a Air Operator Certificate, details available upon request.

This shot of harvesting was taken from a Bell 505 helicopter at a height of about 250ft.