Have you considered how your farm is powered?

The National Grid is changing. More and more of our electricity is coming from renewable sources. But how about generating your own heat and power? Farmers often have unique opportunities to install their own renewable energy equipment, from wind turbines to solar panels to Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Boilers. We can advise you on how your own woodchip harvest can be used with modern efficient CHP systems, which can easily provide enough electricity for a farm and also use the excess heat energy to warm farmhouses and barns alike.

Just one hectare of SRC willow can provide the equivalent energy of 5,700 litres of fuel oil, with far less of the pollution associated with burning fossil fuels.

Click here to read more about how Carlshead Farm uses their own woodchip to power and heat the farm as well as an office rental complex.

This CHP boiler provides 150kW of power and heat from 150tonnes of wood chip per heating season to two farm houses and an office complex.