We’re proud to announce that we’ve started to plant the UK’s first agroforestry plantation that combines both biomass and food crops.

This is currently taking place at Cockle Park Farm in Morpeth, a 307-hectare mixed farm owned and operated by Newcastle University.

Agroforestry traditionally combines trees with arable crops and livestock systems; however, Energy Crops Consultancy is pioneering a new combination in the North East that integrates food crops with wood biomass, which is the first of its kind in the UK. This innovative model maximises the efficiency and growth of both crop types, where the arable crops can grow in harmony alongside the biomass crops which provide shelter, promote local biodiversity, and attracts pollinators to the site. The plantation will be used to demonstrate how agroforestry can be used to enhance the land while supporting food and energy production. The advantages of agroforestry are vast; offering protection, conservation and diversity at the same time as sustaining vital economic, environmental, human and natural resources.

This is an exciting opportunity to develop a new way of growing things, with great potential for the environment, our economy and our future.

ECC have highly skilled and experienced operators to work our state-of-the-art specialist machinery.

The step-planter team hard at work, inserting willow and poplar rods into the hoppers, where the machinery cuts them to 20cm lengths and pushes them into the soil at precise intervals.

We fully understand the importance of avoiding soil compaction and work hard to avoid it wherever we are planting.
Big wheels spread the load and  help to minimise damage to your tilth.