Now is the time to be thinking about planting energy crops, but how do you grow an income this way?

When deciding which route is best to go down when repurposing your land, you should always seek professional and trustworthy advice so that you can effectively and efficiently maximise the growth of your biomass for net-zero. Energy Crops Consultancy will provide exactly that, by assessing your options from a realistic perspective and identifying the best strategies for not only enhancing your land, but ensuring that your future supply chains are secure and maintain longevity.

We’ll offer full support and guidance to help you prepare your land to plant, grow and harvest your own energy crops – this includes choosing the best energy crops for both your land, lifestyle and your goals. 

For instance, SRC Willow can be harvested every 2-4 years over a period of 30 years, providing growers with a regular source of income to maximise their land’s revenue. When harvested, the crop is converted into woodchips which are used for energy production – you can then fuel your own biomass boiler to save money on your own energy consumption, or you can sell to end markets to generate more income. After this, the land can then be mulched back in and reverted to traditional cropping or another SRC crop.

As always, we are here to help, guide, advise and support you throughout this process. If you’re interested or would like to find out more about how you can grow an income from energy crops and move away from fossil fuels, speak to us today. Call 07307 494848 📞

Don’t forget to prepare your land this back end: Orders for rhizomes and cuttings are made in October and November for planting in Spring the following year, so now is the time to start thinking about preparing your land to give your crop a good start with higher yields and less cost in management going forward.