The Climate Change Committee has published its Sixth Carbon Budget report which highlights how perennial energy crops can provide local energy while significantly reducing carbon emissions and the need for fossil fuels. The report shows that the planting of energy crops is needed to remove CO2 in the UK and deliver wider environmental benefits to achieve a balanced net zero pathway for the land-use sector.

Have a read of the report, or take a look at their key points on energy crops:
🌱 ‘Growth in UK forestry and perennial energy crops is needed to supply sustainable biomass across the economy’
🌱 ‘Biomass imports can be phased out by 2050 if UK supplies of forestry and perennial energy crops are expanded significantly’
🌱 ‘Planting perennial energy crops (e.g. miscanthus and short-rotation coppice, such as Willow wood crops and Poplar wood crops) alongside short rotation forestry needs to accelerate quickly to at least 30,000 hectares a year by 2035, so that 700,000 hectares are planted by 2050’

This is a great opportunity for farmers and landowners across the country to enhance their farm mix and take bold new steps towards a more sustainable future – get in touch with ECC if you’re interested in growing SRC willow wood crops, SRC poplar wood crops and all aspects of Agroforestry!

As time goes on, the opinions of the Climate Change Committee are becoming more and more important. They are used to shape UK Government’s policies on everything from urban design to farming subsidies. Energy Crops Consultancy is very excited about the latest recommendations from the CCC about how the UK can reach net zero by 2035. Their ambitious plans involve farming practice and investment – particularly important now that we are post-Brexit. We can help interpret their findings to enable you to ensure you are doing all that your land can to bring the UK’s carbon emissions down. The Carbon Budget is an exciting document for farmers and landowners alike – get in touch with Energy Crops Consultancy today to find out how you can be part of the UK’s efforts for net-zero!

The following is an excerpt from the Carbon Budget – we’re paying extra attention to point 4!

To find out what you can do to help the UK meet its climate responsibilities:

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